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Protecting the health and welfare of students is a concern that all school administrators face each and every day. Student Accident Insurance helps ease those concerns by providing benefits for injuries that occur during school hours and or school sponsored and supervised activities (i.e. athletics, gym class, playground, field trips, JROTC, etc.). Student accident insurance serves to reduce out of pocket expenses not paid by primary coverage including copays, deductibles, coinsurance, etc., and will pay on a primary basis in the absence of other collectible coverage. With the increasing trend of high deductible plans, and more of the cost share shifted to the insured, Student Accident Coverage has become more important than ever! This means even if you have health insurance, you should consider purchasing this accident plan as a secondary insurance!

The school district does not provide any type of health or accident insurance for injuries incurred by your child at school.

1. Deductibles and co-pays in your health plan. Many health plans have increased
the amount of out-of-pocket expenses. This plan will help pay the deductibles and
co-pays that you may be out of pocket in the event of an injury.
2. No insurance.
This plan will provide benefits for medical expenses incurred because of an accident. If you have other insurance, our benefits will be applied to your deductible or co-pay. If you have no other insurance, this will become your primary accident plan.

Rates for Voluntary Coverage  C-1540 and D-1511/1513


Full Time Coverage (Grades PK-12)

            Excludes Interscholastic Sports Grades 7-12              $  99.00

            Includes Interscholastic Sports Grades 7-12               $174.00

                        Except Football Grades 9-12


School Time Coverage (Grades PK-12)

            Excludes Interscholastic Sports Grades 7-12              $  16.00

            Includes Interscholastic Sports Grades 7-12               $  91.00

                        Except Football Grades 9-12


Football Coverage Grades 9-12                                              $250.00


Extended Dental Coverage (Grades PK-12)                            $     9.00


There is a $5.00 credit card transaction fee.


Note:  Full Time is 24-hour coverage which extends to accidents which may occur at home or anywhere else not just school related.


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