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Support Staff

Arlington Public Schools District Support Staff

Name   Support Area Click to send E-Mail
Lorena Adams Cafeteria lorena.adams@apseagles.org
Faye Arthur   Paraprofessional faye.arthur@apseagles.org
Silvia Arias Custodian silvia.arias@apseagles.org
Jennifer Arp Paraprofessional jennifer.arp@apseagles.org
Rita Bonilla Inserted Image Custodian rita.bonilla@apseagles.org
Tom Brown Inserted Image Bus Driver  
Farrah Buckley   Van/Bus Driver  
Chris Burns   Paraprofessional chris.burns@apseagles.org
Kayla Cushman   Paraprofessional kayla.cushman@apseagles.org
Tina Doughty Paraprofessional tina.doughty@apseagles.org
Dan Douglas   Bus Driver  
Judi Eckhart Paraprofessional judi.eckhart@apseagles.org
Claudia Escamilla Custodian claudia.escamilla@apseagles.org

Julie French

Cafeteria Supervisor

Vicki Freeman Custodian vicki.freeman@apseagles.org
Merrit Gilmore Paraprofessional merrit.gilmore@apseagles.org

Monty Hanel

Inserted Image

Bus Driver

Jenny Hansen   Business Manager jenny.hansen@apseagles.org

Shirley Holck


Mary Hunter Cafeteria mary.hunter@apseagles.org
Cher Krause Paraprofessional cher.krause@apseagles.org
Emma Krause Paraprofessional emma.krause@apseagles.org
Cindy Martens Elementary Secretary cindy.martens@apseagles.org
Lexi Meier   Paraprofessional lexi.meier@apseagles.org
Shelly Miller Guidance Assistant  shelly.miller@apseagles.org
Sara O'Connell High School Secretary  sara.oconnell@apseagles.org

Rod Parker



Cheryl Pittman

Administrative Assistant/Human Resources

Tracie Quinn Paraprofessional tracie.quinn@apseagles.org
Randy Raether Bus Driver  
Lawrence Reed Director of Buildings & Grounds lawrence.reed@apseagles.org
Tiffany Reikofski Bus Driver  
Carie Sapp Bus Driver  
Warren Scheer Bus Driver  
Nixie Shreves   Paraprofessional nixie.shreves@apseagles.org
Ellen Thompson Accompanist ellen.thompson@apseagles.org
Amanda Timm Bus Driver/Paraprofessional amanda.timm@apseagles.org
Karen Toebben Inserted Image Cafeteria (Pt. Time)/Bus Driver karen.toebben@apseagles.org
Amanda Villwok   Paraprofessional amanda.villwok@apseagles.org
Lynette Wooster Inserted Image Paraprofessional lynette.wooster@apseagles.org
Nicki Yager   Paraprofessional nicki.yager@apseagles.org


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